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SkidNation Coolant Reroute kit

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If you are on this page then you probably already know what this is.

The MX5 BP engine is notorious for running hot at the rear of the blod due to a design changes from the original platform. The SkidNation coolant re-route kit fixes this issue and helps keep those temperatures down on all types of build not just those with big turbos.

Reroute the cooling path to protect your engine,
– Allows you to run aftermarket coolant temperature sensor,
– Lets you delete the front coolant neck to de-clutter your engine bay,
– Offers possiblity to delete your cabin heater.

Kit is complete with everything you need (Except EGR deletion - Optional extra)


EGR equipped vehicles will need the EGR pipe modifiying on the rear of the engine or a blanking panel purchasing.

MK1/NA models (1.6) will need an aftermarket ECU for Fan switch delete (Core Plug Option).

Core plug option requires timing belt removal

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