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Stock ECU COPs (Plug and Play)

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Yes you are reading that right, GFBDevelopments have now produced a COPs kit for owners of cars with stock ECU's.

So why?

The OEM coil packs in your beautiful MX5/Miata are possibly 20+ years old now, possibly look worn out and generally not performing very well. You could also be a user of a PiggyBack ECU (remember those?) and want to take advantage of better spark performance now you are trying out boot.

Project81's stock ECU COPs version, gives you all the benefits of better performing coils and none of the negatives.

Project81 requires no mounting bracket which gives it that OEM look.

With the kit you will get:

Plug and Play COPs harness


Voodoo Ignition box

Fitting instructions

Spark Plugs (Optional)

ALL of our kits are plug and play, meaning you wont need to mess about with soldering or sourcing connectors.

Why the price?

Like our other version of Project81, this uses quality components (not copies) it also uses the same "High Boost" coils as the other version. This means should you ever decide to go Forced Induction, you wont need to change your ignition kit.

Our kits come with our A* support and guidance 24/7 and are back by our manufacturers warranty.

Upgrade your Spark with GFBDevelopments.

This kit requires specific spark plugs, be aware your current NGK plugs will NOT work.

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