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Latest updates!???

Latest updates!???

Whats been going on?? Well Butler has been making his garage a bit more roomy lately with the removal of the Midget, whilst getting ready to sort out the “Soon to arrive” Beetle! (Saturday should be the day).
Goodbye BAG OF CRAP PUG CABRIOLET and Hello old Classic!

The garage has a large OLD bench that was turned round creating some more room and also some steel plating with lips on have been put above to hold the many plastic containers of bolts and bits.. Car-wise.. the Corsa has just not long had some colour sanding and all is ok so far, got to finish it properly because the passenger side hasnt even been touched yet.
On another note it went straight through its MOT today and only has a few little advisories..

Drivers wheel slightly buckled.
Drivers mirror misty, (Due to putting compund on it to remove scratches) TW*T!
Front side repeater bulbs need replacing soon, Orange paint must be flaking off..
Small surface rust on rear inner sills, so soon to underguard after effing off the rust!
Slight Blowing on Exhaust, (Front pipe with CAT connecting to Middle box, its about due anyway)
And thats it.. all ok otherwise.. If anyone has also just had a new MOT then you may have a new certificate!
Arent they all boring and plain now!! Cheap Asse’s!

With regards to other cars Butler’s Capri is in need of Brakes sorting out due to Master cylinder giving up the ghost!
Leebo’s Land Rover seems to be running ok apart from the odd warm up of the engine now and again. aka “Overheating
Hine’s bike Failed MOT because its a BAG basically… hahaha.. Faulty Brake light plus reccomended near future replacement of fork seals..

Isnt life good!, Cars that always have something to do or sort out! And Winter arriving very soon to keep us all from doing them outside! Thank god the garage now has a space for the beetle!

More soon from Butler i hope! No doubt if all goes well on Saturday we will be seeing Beetle pics of it arriving at GFB!

The Ponder

The Ponder

Hello again interneters!

Here I am sitting in a cold server room pondering current projects but also what I’d like to get in the future!  Yes the WANT is driving me crazy, and to be honest it must be iched.

Anyway this weekend the Capri Passed its MOT so chuffed is probably the best word to use, also on the way back from the test centre we decided to take a look at the new project.  The Cats out the bag on this one so I’ll just say it anyway, the new Project is a 70 Beetle so you can see that we are not Manufacturer specfic here at GFB Dev.  The car is actually going to be Leebo’s retro and mods etc have already been thrown into the mix so it should be a pretty cool motor.

From the outset the only issues we can see are 1 heater channel, drivers door and rear drivers wing. I suppose we wont know more until we begain the tear down once its back to the workshop.

Pictures to be uploaded once I’ve defrosted from this server room.

Ahh and back to the future projects, I’ll just leave this here: