Here you will find GFBDev Stickers and performance parts for your ride.

MX-5 Sensors

BMW E36 vTPS and bracket including all mounting hardware.

If you are going Supercharged or Turbocharged then you will already know the 1.6 MK1 MX-5 has issues with throttle response due to it’s TPS. Fitting our BMW vTPS and adapter plate paired with a standalone ECU will see OE throttle characteristics.

No extra wiring required, simply fit and calibrate in your ECU software.

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Everyone loves stickers for their ride right? Every so often we drop our own designs in limited batches, so as show season is now well underway what better time to drop another!

Bumper Slaps


ReallyBrokenAlways Oil Slick effect

ReallyBrokenAlways Oil Slick effect

Beacuse they are Really Broken Always

Back by popular demand! Oil Slick effect UV resistant external BumperSlap ReallyBrokenAlways

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MX-5 Door Bushing


GFBDev Hardened door bushings (Pair)

GFBDev MX-5/Miata Door bushing set (Pair)
All MX-5’s (NA, NB, NC) were shipped with rubber door bushing/door stops, these have tedency to wear over time and add to rattles, not only this but the bushing also assists the chassis rigidity.We decided to design and create our own bushing to stop the usual issues drivers report with the OEM factory bush.  

Installing these bushes to your MX-5 is very simple, all you need is a 10mm socket or Cross head screwdriver of decent size.  Simply remove the existing bush, insert the bolts into the new bush (the tolerance is tight so bolts may need screwing into the holes) place the bush in the around about location the existing was removed.  Dont tighten the bolts too much, check the door closes correctly then tighten, it is literally as simple as that.  
Once fitting you should notice the door closes with are more “Solid” noise and the car feels generally stiffer when driving….and no door rattles. 
Price is for a pair of bushes. 

Free UK Shipping.

*NOTE*All bushings are made to order, please allow 48 hours minimum for delivery. These items are NOT made from inferior PLA plastic.  

MX-5 Dash voltmeter



This product was created to fill a need in our Drift cars, so drivers to keep an eye on their charging system and basic efficiency of the alternator.The product is designed and assembled in-house at GFBDevelopments, it is used on all our MK1 (pop-up light) cars and has proven to be a very useful device.  
Fitting is very simple. Remove one of your switch blanks (on the right of the steering wheel), you also need to remove the surround for the blank (see image).Locate a 12v feed (cigarette lighter or interior light will work).Splice the live (Red) from the voltmeter into the live source.Ground the black wire to anywhere on the chassis. Slot the Voltmeter into the dash.  

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MX-5 Switch blanking plate


Flush Switch Blank

GFBDev MX-5/Miata Flush Switch blank
We have produced a switch blank for the MK1 MX-5 to replace the fake switch blanks they usually come with.  These items fit flush to the dash and can be used to smarten up the facia or use as a flat face to mount a custom switch on.  

Item is made from high quality plastic that wont fade or deform with age.

How to fit:Simply pull out your existing switch blank.Slide in the GFBDev replacement item. Item fit’s snug due to it’s design and wont fall out. 

Free UK Shipping.All Items made to order.