Month: November 2011

Pictures!”!!!….Ahh and I have issues :(

Pictures!"!!!....Ahh and I have issues :(

Good morning!

I know I promised photos along time ago etc but its been busy times at GFB so thats why there have been a distinct lack of updates. Sorry about that!

Anyway I’ll let the pictures do the talking, also there is a suprise at the bottom ;)

Arrival into the Workshop.


Removal of the wing to see how much welding was needed

Parts list

Engine now running after 5 years stood

We knew the heater channels on the drivers side were gone so after the engine was sorted we got on with this task! Now I’ve restored lots of cars over the years but none of them in the VW circle, I have to say Im amazed! VW beetle Patten parts actually FIT!!! wish BMH could sort their shit out and do the same.

Side brace

Thats about it for the beetle, we have done more but no pictures as of yet. The heater channnel is in and Ive welded it to the shell, the rear quarter is on and filled and so is the rear wing support. We did find holes in the front spare wheel well but theses have been nipped up, A few small holes under the front screen and the bonnet and its about there for welding. (Good as im sick of the burn holes in my SKIN :))

^ Thats not skin

Next up! As said my Eric Banner (in a aussy accent) “My Beast!!!” The Capri ;)
Have I said how much I love this car, the amount of attention it gets is unreal. Well I decided to take it to work a few weeks ago which is nothing unusal but upon returning home it decided brakes (OK Capri brakes are questionable) were not part of this trip. Yep no brakes, it seemed like the master cylinder had finally given up :( I managed to coax it home and then began a search for a new cylinder, this was going to be an issue has the capri has the ATE cylinder which we could no longer find. Leebo ordered what felt like 900000000000 Different cylinders but none were sutible so I decided to chuck £25 at a rebuild kit and hope for the best…………………………………………IT WORKED, thats 2 this year (Austin needed one too).
On with some boring photos.

The beast all sorted

Thought I’d include a pick of the GT just because!

Ahh and GFB would be nothing without our resident theif and also our best mate, Bailey the dog (he’s even in the logo). Yep in the time the Beetle has been at GFB he’s tried and successfully stolen most of the important engine parts :). Ahh and Ive finally found my trusty 1/4″ drive wrench, he had it hahahah. I do love him though and GFB week nights and weekends would not be the same without him nosing around at what we are doing. Happy Birthday BaileyBob! XX

They say the first step to sorting a problem is to admit you have a problem.. Yeah.
OK I have a problem, My problem is with old motors and even more precise old MG’s. I dont know what it is about them but I cant help myself, so here we are…………………………Yep another one.
Actaully I Lie the reason I love MG’s is probably Mr GFB himself, my father as he had one and used to show me photos as a kid so it all started from him.
Collected this last night from Barnsley, fully working just needs a respray and bumpers refitting (probably other stuff but I’ll keep telling myself thats all thats needed). Drives better than any Midget I’ve tried and I’ve had a few, its been converted to single SU which I thought would make it sluggish but its actually pepped it up and I think given the 1500 Trummy unit better MPG and just as good performance.

Anyone reading this thinking “I’d love an MG Midget but I’m too tall” think again, Im 6 foot and there is plenty of room, also its probably the only soft top classic that has perfect heating capabilities as I was literally sweating on the drive back.


As Leebo has said in the previous post, we now have streaming capabilities so you can watch the restorations and general ongoing workings of the GFB cars (also the fooling around). We are also going to add a comments or guest section for this just in case you want to ask any questions etc.

Much love


Slowly slowly catch a monkey, Or mend a beetle!

Slowly slowly catch a monkey, Or mend a beetle!

Well another weekend of fun has ended which has mainly seen Nathan and the welder out and all over the poor little bug.  With most of the holes now filled with solid metal the rather tedious jo of filling and sanding can begin! :(  Still should keep us out of trouble for a few weeks.


On another note the live streaming has been hooked up so now you guys can catch up with what we’re doing as it happens!


I will get around to loading some pictures up pretty soon, So hang in there and the asyet un-named beetle will reapear!




What a difference a week makes.

What a difference a week makes.

Well the Beetle has been up at GFB for just over a week and already the transformation is remarkable.  Firstly we looked at the engine as we were told it was seized,  It turned over by hand so we knew this wasn’t true!  However it had been stood for 5 years so we were a little unsure of its overall condition.  One thing we did notice was the carburetor was totally rusted shut!  No big problem as two bolts and it was on the bench,  Half an hour and a bit of penetration fluid later it was freed up. We hooked up a battery and this was it! 5 years of waiting! would it start?…………………………….. Erm NO!.

We weren’t even getting a dash light,  So we did some investigation and the main lead from the battery to the voltage regulator had come adrift.  So connected it back up and take 2!………………………………………………. Erm NO!  We got a dash light but nothing else, the starter failed to engage. :(

We had a look at the bodywork as the engine was a no goer for the day,  Which wasn’t that bad.  There was the odd patch of rot and filler which needed to be removed,  And the drivers door which had suffered a slight knock.  And that was sunday over with.

Monday whilst everyone was back at work I ordered up a new starter motor, plugs, leads, dizzy cap, rotor arm, coil and points for less than £40.  The starter turned up Tuesday morning on my desk so tuesday evening was round three for the beetle.  We fitted the new starter and the other bits and hooked the battery back up……………….. NOPE! :(  The engine was turning over by now but failing to start. A quick check and the fuel pump was knackered.

So back at work Wednesday and another session on the computer turned up a fuel pump at one of our other branches.  RESULT.  Back up to GFB after work and straight onto the beetle.  Could this be it? Would this be the night? the anticipation was killing me!  So we bolted on the new fuel pump put the battery back in, removed the main HT lead and pumped through a bit of the old fuel to get some fresh through the fuel line.

So everything was connected back up, we crossed our fingers and turned the key…………………………. THERE WAS LIFE !!! :)

Seems to be running a bit rich but the important thing was it ran!  So on to the bodywork.

I sourced a rear wing ready for the beetles arrival so the old one was removed.  Where we found the drivers rear quarter was rotten!  So a new one was ordered and arrived Friday.  We have also had to replace the offside heater channel and do a bit of patching inside the car.  So this is where were at now.. Our goal is to have the drivers side all buttoned up this week so we can get onto the passenger side and get the car finished off.

Oh and in other news the garage PC has been rebuilt and sorted so hopefully soon we should have live streaming sorted for in the garage.  So keep coming back and you may get to see our ugly mugs.


The Beetle Arrives!!

The Beetle Arrives!!

Well today we finally said Goodbye to bad CRAP!!! Pug 306 gone to Sims Metal! I filmed the Big Claw picking it up and then moving it to one side..

Anyway, a few pics were taken before and after its arrival at GFB.. i gave it a wash and due to the mildew and god knows what else on it this was the longest car wash ive ever done.
Pictures in the Gallery from Today!

Latest updates!???

Latest updates!???

Whats been going on?? Well Butler has been making his garage a bit more roomy lately with the removal of the Midget, whilst getting ready to sort out the “Soon to arrive” Beetle! (Saturday should be the day).
Goodbye BAG OF CRAP PUG CABRIOLET and Hello old Classic!

The garage has a large OLD bench that was turned round creating some more room and also some steel plating with lips on have been put above to hold the many plastic containers of bolts and bits.. Car-wise.. the Corsa has just not long had some colour sanding and all is ok so far, got to finish it properly because the passenger side hasnt even been touched yet.
On another note it went straight through its MOT today and only has a few little advisories..

Drivers wheel slightly buckled.
Drivers mirror misty, (Due to putting compund on it to remove scratches) TW*T!
Front side repeater bulbs need replacing soon, Orange paint must be flaking off..
Small surface rust on rear inner sills, so soon to underguard after effing off the rust!
Slight Blowing on Exhaust, (Front pipe with CAT connecting to Middle box, its about due anyway)
And thats it.. all ok otherwise.. If anyone has also just had a new MOT then you may have a new certificate!
Arent they all boring and plain now!! Cheap Asse’s!

With regards to other cars Butler’s Capri is in need of Brakes sorting out due to Master cylinder giving up the ghost!
Leebo’s Land Rover seems to be running ok apart from the odd warm up of the engine now and again. aka “Overheating
Hine’s bike Failed MOT because its a BAG basically… hahaha.. Faulty Brake light plus reccomended near future replacement of fork seals..

Isnt life good!, Cars that always have something to do or sort out! And Winter arriving very soon to keep us all from doing them outside! Thank god the garage now has a space for the beetle!

More soon from Butler i hope! No doubt if all goes well on Saturday we will be seeing Beetle pics of it arriving at GFB!