Month: September 2011

Winter feeling :(

Winter feeling :(

OK OK I know Mr weather man has told us about the heat wave, but I cant help feeling that the Summer is long gone and we will soon be knee high in snow (YES PLEASE I OWN A CAPRI) and my toes will be cold. Also as we all know as soon as it gets cold something in the depths of our retro motors will go wrong, thus making us crawl under them :(. All part of the love I suppose.

Anyway this week my brain has been dotting around the interweb thinking of MG Midgets…………………………..Yes Yes I already own on and Im not about to go buy another. The reason I’m thinking about them is because I touched the Midget for the first time in 3 years at the weekend and the love/hankering started to flow, and so it should I’ve owned that car for 14 years and its given me so many fond memories.

So what am I thinking about doing?????

ENGINE.. ENGINE.. ENGINE! Baby however nothing silly just a subtle upgrade and something done on the cheap and simple. The original 1500cc plant is worth selling on as its a recon unit with about 2k miles on it, this would fund wait for it…………………………………………………….A PINTO ;).

I fully expect to be flammed for this but hold on, have you guys not seen what the Ford boys are doing with these engines (Drift championship winners too). Its easy power at an affordable cost, I know there are newer motors out there like the Zetec etc etc but this would need the least amount of wiring (a plus point) and only a bit of welding. The issues come with the gearbox, the Type 9 is quite a bit larger than the Marina box that the 1500 was shipped with but I’m sure GFB Dev can come up trumps with the task.

This project is going in the list and probably wont be done for a while (Remember I do have a Austin 1300 to complete and Leebo’s Bug is about to turn up, plus the fact a respray of Tipextastic corsa is needed before the weather takes a dip.

Well thats Nathan Signing out!


Beetle Crisis……………..Thankyou!

Beetle Crisis.................Thankyou!

Hopefully it wont turn out as Average as said one!!

I present to you “The BUG”, as for details I dont actually have any apart from it being a 1300 and it being off the road for 5 years.
Like I said in the previous update and whats been mentioned, this motor is actually Leebo’s but like all projects at GFB dev (And we have alot of them ;) ) its a team effort so all of us will be mucking in where we can.

Anyway on with the pictures, Ill let them do the talking:

The question was asked “is it doable”, in relation to other restorations I’ve done/doing or been involved in this one seems simple so yes it is!

Logistics, the plan is to put the Midget on its wheels and store this outside under cover, of course any bare metal will be painted in Zinc primer and mechanicals will be prepped for a short outdoor storage time span. This means the Beetle will be in the workshop for the winter months and means we can crack on with it without freezing up ;).

So there we go the beetle is now out to the masses!

In other news I would like to thank our viewers, we had the site stats come in last night and I was shocked at the traffic we have generated so please comment on the pages your viewing with anything related you like, also tell your friends about us!

Much Love!!!

Excited much?

Excited much?

Well after a brilliant Saturday morning, Well done little Crapi, and a little sneaky peak at the new project we decided I really needed to pull my finger out and start sorting things out.  So with the large list of things to getting bigger and bigger,   I settled down on the old laptop.  So

Logbook sent off? CHECK!

Reg transfer sent off? CHECK!

Ebay listing for peugeot? …….


Well 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

Anyway.  I cant really put into words how excited I’m starting to get.  The peugeot really had a hard life before we got it back to GFb and we decided it really was too far gone and well really not cool or retro enough!

Hopefully by the time you read this Nathan will have pulled his fingers out and uploaded a few pics of the task ahead!  I really cant wait to get started and spend a few pennies.  If anyone has any ideas for the new project we’d love to hear them.

Lots of love


The Ponder

The Ponder

Hello again interneters!

Here I am sitting in a cold server room pondering current projects but also what I’d like to get in the future!  Yes the WANT is driving me crazy, and to be honest it must be iched.

Anyway this weekend the Capri Passed its MOT so chuffed is probably the best word to use, also on the way back from the test centre we decided to take a look at the new project.  The Cats out the bag on this one so I’ll just say it anyway, the new Project is a 70 Beetle so you can see that we are not Manufacturer specfic here at GFB Dev.  The car is actually going to be Leebo’s retro and mods etc have already been thrown into the mix so it should be a pretty cool motor.

From the outset the only issues we can see are 1 heater channel, drivers door and rear drivers wing. I suppose we wont know more until we begain the tear down once its back to the workshop.

Pictures to be uploaded once I’ve defrosted from this server room.

Ahh and back to the future projects, I’ll just leave this here:


Back to the Developments!!!>>>

Back to the Developments!!!>>>

No way in intended as a PUN against “Back to the Future”……………….Ok Maybe it was.

NGFB Here with the first of many updates to the blog.

Now that my holiday season is over we can get back to the Developments of AWSOME Motors and other engined powered goodness.  But first I must thanks CorsaSport (Its a Bag) for the setup or the site and all other aspects of, your a star!  Its not that I could not do all this, its just the fact I cant bare to do IT work outside of my IT Work if you get my meaning!

Anyway on to the updates……………………erm………………..Yeah!

Currently we are awaiting news on the Capri MOT, well its not till Saturday but still!  Being its first year in my ownership some jobs were required.  For the life of me I cannot understand how it got an MOT last year.  Its required all new braking components and being a Ford a little welding ;).  We shall know the news @ the weekend (Hope it passes as Im sick of driving modern shite about on my time off!).

The Plan with the Capri is to lay it up over winter, so refit the standard wheels and cover it up.  However before I do this I intend on replacing the rather laughable strut top repairs, just like the Jacking point repairs (May I add being done by a so call Pro on a popular Ford website) these must have been done by a Blind lemming with a twitch and no concept of how to remove old RUST!!.  New repair parts have been collected and TBH its a straight forward repair but I want to make it look right and not bodge it.  Stay tuned for the Piccys.

Baby Austin:

Well Myself and leebo have given up on the 100000000year old wiring and decided to rewire the frontend, the lights were proving a Bitch working one minute and not the next so Ive ordered a new fuse box and this will be sorted ASAP………………..BEFORE ANY OTHER PROJECTS!!!! ;)


First year off the road was eaiser than I thought……………….Its been 10 years since I restored this car due to money I decided not to tax it this year.  TBH it needs a front end respray and I keep having perverse thoughts about MX5 engines but until the workshop is clear of projects its going to have to wait :(.  I think next year I’ll rebuild the front suspension then use it as a summer hack though.


My First car :(  OK all the weldings done but Im just not happy with the forward spring hangers, and since repairing them myself they have now become avaliable to purchase from MGOC, so in the coming months some will be ordered the car will be flipped (AGAIN) and this fitted.  Would be nice for this car to see the road again but there is no rush.

GFB Site Alteration

GFB Site Alteration

The GFB site is now altered with its heavily modified skin (Compared to how it is originally).. NGFB is expected back from a holiday in MAGALUF anytime soon, so hopefully he will put this place to good use! Next on the jobs list is the Capri MOT and possibly the Austin’s MOT and Corsa Paint finishing.. Plus a VW Beetle Classic in the future… Pictures of that one to arrive soon via Leebo hopefully..