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Wing repair!

Wing repair!

Never give up on it……

Never give up on it......

Morning Internet.

So you’ve had that car sitting in the garage/Field/Drive for a while, you also have an image in your head how you would like it to look or drive. However we all know Life/Money/Mojo play a part in hampering these dreams/ideas.

Well I’m here to tell you to stick with it, who cares if it takes X amount of years, its your dream!.

With that in mind I’d like to show you this:

13 Years in the making (Still not done).

Looks good huh?

Battle Scars

Battle Scars

Good morning internet Folk

As ever the updates are thin, probably due to the weather (well that’s my excuse)……
Before I start on what Im working on I’ll give you a little update on the project “AirCooled”…………On hold!! :). The car was removed from the workshop a couple of weekends ago to make room for the Austin, I assure you (hopefully) it will be completed soon.

So Battle Scars, well that’s how the GT looks on the front end due to the paint reaction. As much as it got to me when it was first happening, Im actually starting to like it. Somehow it gives the car that “used” meaner look etc.

As I mentioned in another Post, I have big ideas for the GT and the purchasing has already started. However before I can fit these items I do need to sort the Failed Head gasket!!

Currently she’s sitting in the workshop with the upper end of the engine stripped.
Whislt its been like this I’ve Ported and polished the head for the extra OOOOMMMPH.

Here are some photos of the progressions (testing HG etc), nothing amazing but it give a little insight.
Also included is a picture of a GT that a fellow forum member sent, I thinking the same look but Wider wheels and arches ;-)


Yeah that looks like its gone


Said GT

This weekend the GT will get the head finally fitted and at least then I can start fitting things ;-) Watch this space…..

GFB Paint job on MG Midget

GFB Paint job on MG Midget

Well its been a short while since even a post was added here.. over the last couple of months GFB has had spraying going on with the Beetle and the MG Midget… Below is a short clip of the Midget going through its major improvement, because it did look horrible before..

Back by popular demand!

Back by popular demand!

Good morning Internet Folk

Busy times ahead I hear people say, due to the impending season starting…..Well its been busy times all round at GFB towers, and if Im totally honest Im sick of Spraying cars now. As far as we are concerned the Beetle respray is complete and just needs putting back together (Pull your finger out Leebo), this can also be said about the Midget. Strickly speaking the Midget was completed on the bank holiday weekend but me being a numpty (I know its hard to believe) and colour sanded a little too much, and yes I burnt through to the primer, so last weekend I had to repsray the whole wing :( Ahh well its done now.

See the Pictures for the out come….

Other news
GFB Developments is now on Facebook so be sure to search us out and join the group :)

Also GFB now have our club clothing range, so next time your at a show and you see one of us, say hello we dont bite…..actually that depends on if we have eaten or not.

Anyway I must go, Ebay is calling me………………….Can I hear someone say XR2??????????????

Much love


Easter Weekender + updates

Easter Weekender + updates

Good afternoon fellow internet people.

Now that April is in full swing this can only mean 1 thing, show season is around the corner!!! EEEEEKKK.

GFB Developments has been around longer than I have but its only in the past year that I/We have wanted to make what we do known. With this in mind this year see’s us being “out there” when it comes to shows and our current completed (If you can ever call them that) Projects. Also because of this we are going full steam ahead with branding so people know who’s motors they are looking at, this includes stickers and clothing of course, however we wont loose what GFB Dev is “A few mates having some fun with a Welder and anything powered by an engine”.

So what has NGFB been up to since we last heard from him……???

Well the beetle has been the main focus, we needed to get this thing sprayed ASAP as its holding up it progression to roadworthyness also the backlog of motors was getting a little silly.
As you have seen in the previous posts the Beetle was laid down in a rather white colour, in fact its a Vauxhall Polar white I think! My first thoughts were “NO WAY” it just wont work at all, but after I laid down the second cover coat my mind was soon changed, with a little black thrown in there that motor is going to look amazing. At the moment it still sits in the same position as it did from the photos, as we wanted it to “Cure” before starting the colour sand, however Leebo has some decisions to make for the overall outcome, Myself?? Id have subtle race theme/Oval racer look….Few stickers, Black rims with think black rubber and white tyre lettering JOB DONE…But who knows. You’ll find out when I do I suppose.

OK up next, remember I have issues when it comes to MG’s espically unloved MG’s and namly that patchwork one?? Well it finally go its day!!! While the garage was all covered up for spraying the beetle it would have been silly to not use this time and get the Midget sorted. I was going to use a Padgent blue but decided a little French blue and Im glad I took that decision because it looks amazing!, There are some progression shots in the previous post and I will post some more once the paint has Cured and ive had chance to Colour sand and compound.

See you soon.


STOP!! Midget time!

STOP!! Midget time!

Well it’s Good Friday, and I’m sure the Midget is happy now because it’s been stripped of parts and is being sanded ready for primer, if ‘Butler’ has his way it may even end up with its Blue paint on but realistically it may probably be just primered.. So next weekend will more than likely see Blue’ appear!
Picture below, possibly more to follow over the next day or two!



Before this weekend this is how the car was… Horrible Green Hammerite in patches, and two shades of blue, one hell of an improvement since.

Beetle Progress

Beetle Progress

Quick update, all go at GFB with regards to the Beetle, all panels getting a coat of ‘Glacier White’ surprisingly!! Picture of Bonnet and Boot lid for you!!… Then further down as the day went on more pics were added in.. The car has come a long way since its arrival in November!


Back to life…..Back to reality

Back to life.....Back to reality

Yo internet world and all that jazz (Not the Honda).

Mentioned earlier we have been having issues with the live stream, but this has now been sorted and a Live stream will be happening tonight :).

So whats happened then:

First off here are some Beetle pictures to actually show we are working on the car. Its coming along now, wings are in primer and we are onto the mechanical before finishing off the last of the rubbing down before SPRAYING!!!!

Ive included a Video of the engine firing into life again since we started the resto. Lee has alot of choices to make on how this car is going to turn out mainly on the interior front etc.

Also its MOT time for the little Midget so I have done the usual checks and found a Wheel Bearing knackered or so I thought. Upon removal it turned out to be on the wrong way round GRRR, I decided to fit the new one anyway as I know this has not been tampered by a numpty!

This weekends sees a test movement run of the Beetle, yes we could have done this before the strip down but in all honesty it was not solid enough……………..OK OK it was we just forgot :).

Also earlier I mentioned about the Pissrat (Passat) that is Leebo’s current daily, well have some images of his RIMZZZZ, as I dont know what else to write about it as its not broken.

On with the images, thats what your here for afterall aint it

Light reading


On and POKE!


GFBDevelopments are to have their own stand at the Retro Rides Gathering! Yes mentioned before but this has now been confirmed as the stand passes and club have been booked.

This does pose an issue “Too many cars, too little drivers”…But the requests have been sent out so we will soon see who wants the chance to drive a Retro to the show and have an amazing weekend with some amazing people.

NGFB out…..

WebCam Notice.

WebCam Notice.

Just for the Record here.. After venturing to GFB today for a short while i notified “NGFB” that the Camera hasnt been working for a short while, he looked into it and remembered that the software needs re-installing on the DNS,,, ?? Bloody confusing to me.. not networked much with webcams myself, on another note the Beetle is in a sorry state to view but coming along in progression states, more filling to be done as the first coat of primer reveals small imperfections, but its still at the stage of being sorted anyway, its not as if its had a colour added and then found out it has to be resprayed again.
Well, thats all i have for now, hopefully we will have a seperate page soon for the webcams.. just waiting on Butler to sort the software. When it does go back on the Camera will more than likely be on to view on a weekend, or just a Sunday. Only time will tell. One thing though, its not as if there is a shortage of cars up there! Plenty still in the queue!