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More Go Kart Footage…

More Go Kart Footage...

Well its been a while since any videos were made so i got some unseen Go Kart footage from last year and made another clip.. in it Leebo crashes it into some trees, only thing is was that he was quite a way away from the cam so look into the distance close when watching, in the first two minutes or so its there, (from 17s to 22s),  ‘NGFB‘ laughs so when you have seen that you know its happened.. in fact EVERYONE there at the time laughed.. its also the very last clip on the vid too..
(Sorry for quality, been having trouble ALL day yesterday with rendering) anyway, Enjoy!  New Video with slightly more footage now below!

GFB Go Kart no.2 Engine Move..

GFB Go Kart no.2 Engine Move..

On Bank holiday monday the newest addition kart was pulled out and started on, due to the previous design of it having its side mounted engine which in time snapped the thick threaded bar which held it.. as of now the engine now sits behind the driver like “Old Faithful” kart engine does, the kart also had its main frame points taken off at the rear axle so it would sit higher after a re-weld underneath of the frame. The Kart now sits like a dragster and may have to have a weld or too to take it off the floor as its only millimetres off it now at the front end. No doubt work will continue until its right. Although “NGFB” boggers off to Magaluf soon so it will have to wait.. GFB will be extremely quiet until mid September! Makes a change!