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Where have we been….?

Where have we been....?

Well the short answer is nowhere… Lol

In truth though we have been busy little bees.  The MGB has been the main concern over the last few months, With The MX5 finally being weighed in and all the big jobs tackled the engine is in and running…. :)

This did take a fair bit of thinking about as we have had to fabricate all of the engine mounts from scratch and then make sure the engine and gearbox were sitting correctly.  The Car is looking so good at the minute with nods to the old BL days and the modern Jap influences sneak a look in too.

So What else is new?

The Beetle Finally got some much needed attention.  After being sat out of the garage all winter and ideas being bounced about since owning the car we took the plunge on Sunday and fired up the grinder!

So we’re going down the Hotrod route… A little nerve racking at first but I cant wait to get it finished..  With a few more chops of the grinder Nathan fired up the welder and we put some strength back into it and made up a new shelf to complete the boot area.

End of the year session

End of the year session

Well a long overdue session in the garage today, After Christmas and the dreaded flu wiped out most of December it was good to spend the last day of the year working on the bug!


Firstly big thankyou to Nathan who has been welding like a trooper, And we are so nearly done with all the welding, Which is so good to hear!  The next job is filling,  Now the idea was for Nathan to weld and me follow him round the car and fill after he had done.  Unfortunatly it didn’t quite work like that and i was left lagging behind,  Anyway we want to do it right the first time and hopefully not have to do much work on it in the future.

In other news the beetle has claimed 2 of my 19″ sockets whilst trying to remove the wheels from the drums,  After bing stood for 5 years they didnt want to come off.  But as they are halfrauds proffessional ones its not so bad as they do have a lifetime guarantee! :)

Anyway thats enough from me, I’ll leave you with some pictures!


Slowly slowly catch a monkey, Or mend a beetle!

Slowly slowly catch a monkey, Or mend a beetle!

Well another weekend of fun has ended which has mainly seen Nathan and the welder out and all over the poor little bug.  With most of the holes now filled with solid metal the rather tedious jo of filling and sanding can begin! :(  Still should keep us out of trouble for a few weeks.


On another note the live streaming has been hooked up so now you guys can catch up with what we’re doing as it happens!


I will get around to loading some pictures up pretty soon, So hang in there and the asyet un-named beetle will reapear!




What a difference a week makes.

What a difference a week makes.

Well the Beetle has been up at GFB for just over a week and already the transformation is remarkable.  Firstly we looked at the engine as we were told it was seized,  It turned over by hand so we knew this wasn’t true!  However it had been stood for 5 years so we were a little unsure of its overall condition.  One thing we did notice was the carburetor was totally rusted shut!  No big problem as two bolts and it was on the bench,  Half an hour and a bit of penetration fluid later it was freed up. We hooked up a battery and this was it! 5 years of waiting! would it start?…………………………….. Erm NO!.

We weren’t even getting a dash light,  So we did some investigation and the main lead from the battery to the voltage regulator had come adrift.  So connected it back up and take 2!………………………………………………. Erm NO!  We got a dash light but nothing else, the starter failed to engage. :(

We had a look at the bodywork as the engine was a no goer for the day,  Which wasn’t that bad.  There was the odd patch of rot and filler which needed to be removed,  And the drivers door which had suffered a slight knock.  And that was sunday over with.

Monday whilst everyone was back at work I ordered up a new starter motor, plugs, leads, dizzy cap, rotor arm, coil and points for less than £40.  The starter turned up Tuesday morning on my desk so tuesday evening was round three for the beetle.  We fitted the new starter and the other bits and hooked the battery back up……………….. NOPE! :(  The engine was turning over by now but failing to start. A quick check and the fuel pump was knackered.

So back at work Wednesday and another session on the computer turned up a fuel pump at one of our other branches.  RESULT.  Back up to GFB after work and straight onto the beetle.  Could this be it? Would this be the night? the anticipation was killing me!  So we bolted on the new fuel pump put the battery back in, removed the main HT lead and pumped through a bit of the old fuel to get some fresh through the fuel line.

So everything was connected back up, we crossed our fingers and turned the key…………………………. THERE WAS LIFE !!! :)

Seems to be running a bit rich but the important thing was it ran!  So on to the bodywork.

I sourced a rear wing ready for the beetles arrival so the old one was removed.  Where we found the drivers rear quarter was rotten!  So a new one was ordered and arrived Friday.  We have also had to replace the offside heater channel and do a bit of patching inside the car.  So this is where were at now.. Our goal is to have the drivers side all buttoned up this week so we can get onto the passenger side and get the car finished off.

Oh and in other news the garage PC has been rebuilt and sorted so hopefully soon we should have live streaming sorted for in the garage.  So keep coming back and you may get to see our ugly mugs.


Early weekend? yea right!

Early weekend? yea right!

Well while most of you were busy at work, or posting clips from Youtube! Nathan and me were busy swearing at Edens Golf!  Yep the second newish VW arrives at GFb and causes more than a few headaches.  Its currently sat on axle stands awaiting new ball joints and track rod ends!  It may only have come in for a new set of coilovers, But will leave with a front end rebuild!

The rear offside spring had collapsed and badly needed replacing,  Must admit I’m still a little shocked at the state of the eibach kit.  Anyway a new set of JOM coilovers were sourced and the backs went on with little trouble.  The fronts though not so well.  Ended up removing the whole hub to get the strutt out!  Good job were not affraid of some hard work up at GFB.  And Eden did muck in  and kept us supplied in cups of tea, which was made even better when Nathan got the camp stove out and made us bacon sarnies!!! :)


So thats this weekends plans, Get this all bolted up and done and it has lead to the introduction of a new rule up at GFB.





Well there isn’t really any! but i have been and purchased a new rear wing and running board mount! So the parts pile is growing slowly!  Were still looking for ideas for this little project so if you have any please comment and let us know! who knows you may get to see them happen!


And now off to do some work! :( catch you all later!


Excited much?

Excited much?

Well after a brilliant Saturday morning, Well done little Crapi, and a little sneaky peak at the new project we decided I really needed to pull my finger out and start sorting things out.  So with the large list of things to getting bigger and bigger,   I settled down on the old laptop.  So

Logbook sent off? CHECK!

Reg transfer sent off? CHECK!

Ebay listing for peugeot? …….


Well 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

Anyway.  I cant really put into words how excited I’m starting to get.  The peugeot really had a hard life before we got it back to GFb and we decided it really was too far gone and well really not cool or retro enough!

Hopefully by the time you read this Nathan will have pulled his fingers out and uploaded a few pics of the task ahead!  I really cant wait to get started and spend a few pennies.  If anyone has any ideas for the new project we’d love to hear them.

Lots of love