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All about the Boost…….until it goes bang + YouTube

All about the Boost.......until it goes bang + YouTube

Afternoon people of the internet and those who can be bothered to look at this little site.

So where did I leave this? Ah yes MX5 engines in MGBGT’s…..who would have thought it hey.
It seems common place now, I know 5 cars with this conversion so no longer was the little black GT in a elite club :-(. So I needed to up my game, anyone who’s anyone knows this means FORCED INDUCTION (said with some silly voice really loud), and that’s exactly what I did…………………….DID!

Putting a charger on an MX5 is common practice, in fact it’s so common nobody would bat an eyelid.
However putting a charger on an BGT with an MX5 engine and making it widely known beforehand that you could do the install for less than £1000 does seems to make people sit up and take heed.

What you have to take into consideration is that no off the shelf components to mount the charger were bought (Above the ECU, belts and idlers). This is how you lower the cost massively, it also helps if you can weld and generally fabricate, so under 1k seems perfectly feasible..Yeah?

Well it was, the install DID cost £500 all in, that was until the charger got hungry and didn’t do what all Mothers tell us to do…..Chew your food before swallowing.
You can guess what happened next, NOM NOM NOM….Rattle, bang, bang, BANG!!! So as we stand I’m at £800 all in, that covers the cost of a new motor, new charger (ish)….as it stands the replacement engine is in and running NA, I need to wait for the charger to arrive before I can bolt it back on and be Boosting into the Sunset.

There is a silver lining I guess, the new motor meant we could improve the design and change some parts that I just was not that happy with (See Instagram feed on main page).
Anyway you are not bothered really, you just want to see images.

Doesn’t she look beautiful.
Edited B

In other news, we now have a YouTube channel so I will be uploading DashCam vids and general petrol based silliness so please check it out and subscribe/like.

First Video of the new engine in.

Keep up to date!

Probably the best way to keep up to date with us is from our Instagram Feed now added to the side bar.

I promise a big update is coming.

Another year….

Another year....

Well I bet you didn’t expect to hear from me??
To be honest most readers are on our Facebook page anyway, but for those that are not…Check this

YES!!! it’s on the road, it work! and WOW it’s amazing……Until it breaks, which of course it will.
I have noticed the lack of pictures and to be honest you have probably forgotten what I/We were doing with the little MG. Well that was installing the MX5 engine into it…remember? Well it was over a year ago.

So what else has been happening???
Last time I left you (Hanging I might add), just after the Capri had her freshen up…Well she is still fresh and stunning.
We had 2013’s Retro Rides Gathering…I don’t remember much but the bits I do remember were amazing.

As for Projects…
Do we consider the GT done, I suppose so for now and really I should spend the time on the little Austin or the Midget (Read Zetec ;-) ).
Both the Capri and GT are at a point where I want them for now, trouble is I cant drive them at the same time, which pains me. So really I should spend some time on the other fleet members really.

Humm I don’t have anything to add…I am sure it’s owner will be along to inform us of what may have happened.

Have some pictures.

Back from the Gathering

Back from the Gathering

Hello internet folk.

Yes GFB attended, together with and some other friends.
Words cannot express how this trip rocked, not only the show but the camping and the general atmosphere. I’d like to have lots of photos to show you, but again I fail! I was too busy enjoying the show or the company to even remember to get the camera out.

Over the next few days I will grab some photos off other attendee’s that will show you what an EPIC show you missed.

Box Fresh#

Box Fresh#

Well summer is here, the Capri has been pimped at as many shows as I can get to…….With FRESH PAINT!!!





That’s just a selection to show you how nice its come out!
The Front end was in drastic need of paint since I bought the car in 2010, however I seemed to put it off and thus it got worse. Also with the sudden addiction to “Clean and Sleek” looking cars I decided enough was enough and got it booked in.

I have to shout out a big thanks to Paul Carlton Crash Repair who did all the bodywork and spraying….To say this paint looks like glass is an understatement, its really that good.

GFB Development highly recommend CCR, so any reader who would like their paintwork to be just as good send me a message on here and I will pass over the details.

Anyway I’m off to enjoy the Sun and a V6 rumble.

Retro Mania

Retro Mania

Another weekend…Another car show
This time we headed over to Telford for the Dubs mania/Retro Mania show…

If I’m honest I was a sceptic about this show, mainly due to the modern content and the types of people this attracts…I like cars, I hate trailer trash.

Have you ever noticed when you arrive at shows for camping your group cannot decide where to pitch? We this time was no different, apart from the fact our chosen place was the Show stand area…PERFECT!

The usual pitching tents, followed by the odd drink or 2………Sorry odd bottle or 3. Car banter obviously came with this, but other things that I won’t digress seem to happen…Trade stands do seem to be invisible after 2 bottles of Jaeger though (so does returning your tackle after toilet trips too I hear).

So on with the show, like usual I didn’t take any photos mainly because I’m shite and there are plenty of sites that have covered this. Instead I took some shots of our camping area, which was diverse to say the least ;-)

Most of the GFB Mascot of course.

So what else do we have to report?

Well the Capri ended up having major surgery due to the previous numpty welding over nice fresh steel!!! However this was sorted and as a present to myself, I have booked it into the Paint shop for the frontend to be sorted :-). This should all be complete by the Retro-Show @ SantaPod, as you can see we are making it our mission to attend most of the camping shows this year.

Any other business?
Well yes and no….
The Little Austin finally gets it’s turn to be on the road, the old girl has been pushed back so many times but with the Capri going off the road I’ve booked some time for her.

The MGB GT is more of a Winter project as it’s in my garage, plus I really want to sort the Austin first.

Back from the castle!

Back from the castle!

Hello Internet folk

So we are back from the Castle Retro Show and WOW!
I’m used to retro camping events, I’m also used to the knobs it’s started to attract in recent years so I went to this show thinking the same (queue drunk idiots in Mk2 Golfs driving around a camping field). This was not the case, the whole vibe was chilled and calm, no idiots and not pestering from staff (Apart from asking you to have a good time).

Now us GFB folk pride outselves on camping, we also like to “Out-Do” ourselves on each trip, which is getting pretty hard…….However with the inclusion of a HD projector we can consider that mission accomplished!

As usual we camped it up with good friends in some excellent motors, so life is good right now!
We were havin such a good time that I forgot to take photo’s so here are some I’ve found on the tinterweb.

A Different Path

A Different Path

It was all going so well, the GT passed its MOT and looks the TITS…..But it just needed more speed!
Getting too use to driving the 2.8 Capri I forgot that the B Series lump is a different breed (not saying that the Capri is fast, but its certainly faster than the GT).

So where are we now?
Well before I start on info about the GT, you need to hear about the Beetle………………..Are you sitting down? Good I’ll start!
Lee Finally pulled his finger out his ass or someone elses ass and started working on the thing, about time I hear! This car is just too good to let waste and the fact its taken up so much time and sat around before that it deserves to be on the road.

So for the past 2 Weekends work on this little beast has been full on, firstly the lowered spindles were fitted (We all expected to see this massive drop, but it looked the same LOL), and last weekend we tasked ourselves with a job thats supposed to be hard……..Sway Aways and Narrowed beams!

The rule for the weekend is like normal “Measure twice, cut once” and we had this down to a fine art, of course not wanting to foul up such an important bit of the car! However (There was bound to be one), the words “I’ll Just tack it then we can offer it up to make sure its correct” was repeated by myself over and over! but in true style I just relied on our superior abilities and welded the fudging thing up, to find the Sway Aways were the wrong way around DOH!!!!

Anyway that was sorted and it now welded up and ready for fitting, here are some pictures of said work:



So I mentioned the GT?
Well in true style GFBDev bought another car, yep but this one is to be used as a donor for the GT.
Ive always loved the MX5 and having driven them the powerplant is perfect, so is the car for that matter. So after thinking hard what unit to stick in the car “I” decided to go for the 1.8i Mk1 MX5 :)

We picked up the car last week and considering how much I bought it for, shes an amazing motor. My intentions are to run around in the car for the next month (still T&T’d) to assess any issues on the lump, whilst getting the GT’s boat anchor our and prepping the Bay. This also gives us time to study the wiring diagrams on the MX5 and the car itself to figure out the wiring.



Never give up on it……

Never give up on it......

Morning Internet.

So you’ve had that car sitting in the garage/Field/Drive for a while, you also have an image in your head how you would like it to look or drive. However we all know Life/Money/Mojo play a part in hampering these dreams/ideas.

Well I’m here to tell you to stick with it, who cares if it takes X amount of years, its your dream!.

With that in mind I’d like to show you this:

13 Years in the making (Still not done).

Looks good huh?

I Like big Butts


Do I need to say more????